Tondano Lakes

Tondano Lake Indonesia - A Wonderful Travel Destination!

Tondano Lake is one of the most,if not the beautiful attractions in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The lake is bound by various mountains and situated 600m above sea level. This place is best known for its one day trip where people come, spend the whole day and enjoy cool mountain air and exotic surroundings. Tondano Lakes is one of the largest lake among various other Lakes and the nearest big city is Manado, which is located 36 km away. Tondono Lake spread between two beautiful natural mountains regencies: Kawangkoa and Tomohon regencies. Besides, it also covered by various other mountains such as, Masarang Moun, Lembean mountains, Tampusu Hill, Kaweng Mount and so on. The other mesmerizing thing in Tondano Lake is Pine hill Tourism resort and Sumaru Endo, where you can stay and enjoy the resort hospitality.

Apart from the fact of its beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy the recreation around the Lake and one the famous thing to do is boating. You can find boat available on lakeside at a cheap price like 50,000 IDR. The maximum capacity of each boat would be 10 persons and the boat only left when it is fully loaded. You can also find a small island called the Likri Island at the center of the Lake but not all the boats take the route of this Island, so you have to careful while choosing the right boat if you want to visit the Likri Island. On Tondano Lake fish is one of the famous things to try. There are many restaurants, which make a taste dish from Nike fish and most residents make grilled fish and fish meat from Nike fish. If you want to stay for a long time, you can find many home stay accommodation and cheap hotel with all the facilities.

Rubiah Island

Things to Know about Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island is an excellent touring spot with a blend of history and nature. It is named after a woman who lived there together with her husband. It was used as a meeting place for the hajj as it is convenient while traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Things to Know about Rubiah Island

· It was once attacked and destroyed by bombs by the Dutch in the colonial era. Small islands surrounding it, homes and even castles were destroyed beyond belief.

· You can view the 44 shrines is a resting place for some of the respected elders as well as Mother Rubiah.

· Presence of rare fish, great wealth and underwater biota has made this island a great tourist destination.

· Excellent divers, uncommon coral reefs and diverse wildlife will leave you pleasantly stunned.

· Rubiah Island Marine Park is covered by great sea beauty like verse clusters of coral reefs, huge clams and tropical fish.

· You can view sharks during the first two months of the year.

· There are about 14 species of endangered marine life that have been protected in this place by the government.

· You can also experience numerous sporting activities like diving, fishing and cruises.

· Clean water with variety of fish species like yellow fish, fish flag, red fish head, putrid bali fish, botana blue, taji-spurs and sergeant fish.

· Huge old age trees with monkeys everywhere gives a great view of. It is a nice place to walk and experience the beauty of nature.

· Snorkeling and scuba diving are the hugest activities.

· The beaches are an art of nature, birds, animals and people who live there are welcoming with visitors.

· Speed boats are available connecting the island to the main land.

You can enjoy the apex of history with a touch of nature at Rubiah Island. Come and experience the most memorable event of your life.

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